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16.2” , i9, 64 GB Ram, 4 tb SSD, MACBOOK pro 5500 Radeon pro. 0
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865 د. ك

16.2” , i9, 64 GB Ram, 4 tb SSD, MACBOOK pro 5500 Radeon pro.

مشرف، مدينة الكويت
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purchased in 2020 original price 2650 kd I posted for 1250 now reduced 950 Kd MACBOOK PRO 16.2 “ i9 5500 Radeon pro 64 GB Ram 4 TB SSD (4000 gb ssd) hardly used still in its Apple plastic cover, it’s original box etc manufacturing 2019 on box. only 40 battery cycle scratchless I bought it for wife but she didn’t used it it’s an special order from Apple with fingers touch lock Retina display special graphics etc The 16.2” inch brings highly desired larger display perfect for those who need extra viewing space coupled with a powerful Core i9 processor. This Mac has been the top pick for industry leaders in graphic design, video editing and enhancing, and music production, also best for home . use to empty all your iPhone meteorites and kids pics in 4 tb SSD. This MacBook Pro is in excellent cosmetic condition. This MacBook Pro 16.2" features i9 2.4GHz processor, 64GB RAM, and a 4TB (4000GB) SSD. most of the money will be used in charity
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